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  • Boulder Shooting | Donations
    For those interested in making a donation to help the families of victims and Law Enforcement, there are a couple ways that we have found; 1: The above link was set up as an official list of donation sites for the victims of the shooting. There are apparently a lot of fake GoFundMe and … Read more
  • Weirdest Job-Related Searches
    A new study looked at Google Trends to find the most unique job-related things each state googles more than any other state.  Here are the highlights . . . 1.  Hating your job is a theme throughout:  Arizona's top search is, "What should I do with my life?" . . . Colorado's is "quarter life … Read more

“We’re creating something special here. Every day.”

Nathan Heffel, KRVG Station Manager uses this quote on the daily. We play the music we love, and come to work every day because we know how important great music is, and we’re honored to share it 24/7/365 with you. Because it’s all about the music, and all about you.