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Valentine Sweets – By State

America’s favorite Valentine candy is . . . FRUIT?  Someone looked at Google stats to find the Valentine’s Day treat each state searches for more than other states do.  And chocolate-covered strawberries rank first. Here in Colorado, we apparently prefer the #2 treat…M&M’s. I can live with that.

1.  Chocolate strawberries with 10 states.  (Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.)

2.  M&M’s, eight states.  (Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wyoming.)

3.  Edible chocolate roses, also eight states.  (Alabama, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington.)

4.  Chocolate truffles, five states.  (Connecticut, Louisiana, Montana, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin.)

5.  Dove Chocolate, five states.  (Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Minnesota, and Utah.)

6.  Conversation Hearts, four states.  (Iowa, Maine, Michigan, and North Dakota.)

7.  Hershey Kisses, four states.  (Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, and South Dakota.)

8.  California is the only state where “candy necklaces” are first . . . New York and Texas love “heart-shaped chocolates” . . . and a “box of chocolates” is #1 in Idaho, Kansas, and South Carolina.

A separate study looked at our favorite things to get in a box of chocolate.  The top three are caramel . . . chocolate-covered nuts . . . and chocolate-covered toffee.  (Zippia / YouGov)  (Here’s a map of all 50 states.)

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Zodiac Sign Dating

Another survey was done asking people to rank zodiac signs from least-datable to who they are most likely to date.

I don’t put much stock in this astrology stuff but I gotta say, I’m pretty happy I’m the #2 most dateable sign according to this!
– Spurger.

1.  Gemini.  42% of people who believe in astrology wouldn’t date one. 

(Geminis were also named the worst sign to date in a Twitter poll a few months ago.)

2.  Cancer, 37%.

3.  Taurus, 36%.

4.  Aries, 34%.

5.  Leo, 31%.

6.  Virgo, 28%.

7.  Scorpio, 24%.

8.  Libra, 22%.

9.  Sagittarius, 17%.

10.  Capricorn, 16%.

11.  Aquarius, 10%.

12.  Pisces, 7%.  So they’re most most-datable.

Check out the original story here.

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Top 10 Qualities

A survey was done asking people what the top qualities are that they look for in a partner. Keeping with the love theme for Valentine week, here are the results and the percentage of people who chose them.

What qualities do you look for and where would you rank them?

1.  Good cook, 63.4% say it’s important.

2.  Trustworthy, 62.6%.

3.  Makes you laugh, 57.6%.

4.  Intelligent, 50.5%.

5.  You respect them, 48.7%.

6.  Honest, 47.7%.

7.  Kind, 43.7%.

8.  Similar lifestyle to you, 42.4%.

9.  Similar taste in TV shows, books, and other media, 41.9%.

10.  Similar hobbies as you, 40.7%. 

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Deer – In The Air Tonight

After playing this song today, I was reminded of this clumsy (yet talented) deer. So I had to re-visit this video, set to “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. The audio is lined up so the deer trips on the slide and ends up doing the best drum breakdown ever.

The best part may be how modestly he walks it off. The deer equivalent to a mic drop?


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X Games Aspen 2021

X Games Aspen returns to Buttermilk mountain this weekend; Friday January 29th – 31st.

Due to COVID, there are no on-site spectators allowed this year. No problem. Check out to see a full schedule of events and how you can watch.

95.5/106.3 UPDATES:
We’ll be covering the events on our airwaves over the weekend. Scores, updates, even one-on-one athlete interviews. Plus, don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook and our X Games Update Page for extra content.

Our coverage starts Friday January 29th at 2PM on air from 95.5-FM (Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale) & 106.3-FM (Rifle, Silt, Parachute, DeBeque).

Our broadcast is sponsored by Vintage Ski World in Carbondale, Colorado.

Vintage Ski World, LLC searches the planet to find and make available to our customers, unique, exciting, vintage ski related items to enhance any decor, provide special gifts, and supply a treasure trove for collectors of vintage ski products.

Check out their website at: and don’t forget to check out their shop located at; 1676 County Rd 100 Unit N-2
Carbondale, CO 81623. Call; 970-963-9025.

“X Games”, “X Games Aspen” and associated pictures, logos and videos are property of ESPN. Used with permission for promotional purposes.

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West Canyon Nurseries

[Watch Below] Diane takes a trip to West Canyon Nurseries in New Castle. Derek educates us on the varieties and sizes of trees, shows us the hand-made wreaths, potted trees, holly and more!

This is West Canyon Nurseries 2nd annual Christmas Tree Sale. Take a virtual tour of the lot in the video below then make sure to get down there with your family! When it starts getting dark, the lights come on, the fire pits get lit and the Christmas music plays.

They also have candy for the kids (and the adults). They are open 12pm – 7pm every day until they run out of trees…and that could be any time so hurry down!

You can find them at: 1650 Co Rd 240