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Angriest Sports Fans

A study analyzed posts and reactions from more than a dozen sports . . . to determine which one had the ANGRIEST fans on Twitter.  Surprisingly, it’s one of the CALMEST sports:  Golf.  (Maybe it’s all the pent-up rage?)

Here’s the Top 10:

1.  Golf.  42% of all Tweets about golf were classified as “angry” comments.

2.  Soccer, 28%

3.  MLB, 26%

4.  NFL, 21%

5.  Boxing, 19%

6.  NHL, Formula One, and competitive DARTS (???) are all tied at 13% . . . Of all the sports, I think I’d LEAST like to encounter angry dart throwers.

9.  Cycling, 11%

10.  NBA and Rugby, 9%

12.  Tennis, 8%

13.  Cricket, 4%

Golf is also #1 among Tweets with a “Wow” reaction.  11% of golf Tweets are classified that way.  It’s tied with Cycling, which also has 11%.

Competitive darts is next at 9%, which is tied with Tennis and Formula One.  Apparently, fans in the four biggest U.S. sports are too busy being angry or sad to be sharing their AWE.

Speaking of upset fans, NBA fans share the most “Sad” Tweets.  38% are categorized that way.  MLB fans are next at 34%.

And the sport with the HAPPIEST fans?  That would be Boxing.  37% of Boxing Tweets are happy.  Soccer is next at 31%, followed by Golf at 23%.

The fans sharing the most “Love” Tweets . . . heart-eyed emoji-style . . . is a tie between the NHL and Cricket.  58% of the Tweets from those sports are all love. 

(Browse all the results, here.)

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