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Top 10 Qualities

A survey was done asking people what the top qualities are that they look for in a partner. Keeping with the love theme for Valentine week, here are the results and the percentage of people who chose them.

What qualities do you look for and where would you rank them?

1.  Good cook, 63.4% say it’s important.

2.  Trustworthy, 62.6%.

3.  Makes you laugh, 57.6%.

4.  Intelligent, 50.5%.

5.  You respect them, 48.7%.

6.  Honest, 47.7%.

7.  Kind, 43.7%.

8.  Similar lifestyle to you, 42.4%.

9.  Similar taste in TV shows, books, and other media, 41.9%.

10.  Similar hobbies as you, 40.7%. 

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