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Weirdest Job-Related Searches

A new study looked at Google Trends to find the most unique job-related things each state googles more than any other state.  Here are the highlights . . .

1.  Hating your job is a theme throughout:  Arizona’s top search is, “What should I do with my life?” . . . Colorado’s is “quarter life crisis” . . . New Yorkers can’t stop googling “hate my boss” . . . Pennsylvania is looking for “sleeping at work” advice . . . Oregon’s top search is “how to call in sick” . . . and Connecticut wants to know “how to get fired.”

2.  Several states are looking for something a little easier:  Kentucky’s top search is “easy jobs” . . . Virginia wants the “LEAST stressful job” . . . Delaware just wants to know “how to win the lottery” . . . New Jersey’s top search is “how to become a billionaire” . . . and Maryland wants to know if you can “get paid to watch Netflix.”

3.  A few states have very specific work-related searches:  Louisiana wants “Cajun jobs” . . . people in Tennessee are looking for careers at the store “Hot Topic” . . . Texans are interested in the “corporate GOTH” look, and also “how to become a cowboy” . . . and the phrase “cheese jobs” is popular in Wisconsin.

4.  Some searches are more SCANDALOUS than others:  California’s top search is “How to become an escort” . . . in West Virginia, how to become a “moonshiner” . . . in Oklahoma, “marijuana jobs” . . . people in Illinois google “drinking at work” more than anyone else . . . and people in Florida want “jobs that don’t drug test.”  


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