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Zodiac Sign Dating

Another survey was done asking people to rank zodiac signs from least-datable to who they are most likely to date.

I don’t put much stock in this astrology stuff but I gotta say, I’m pretty happy I’m the #2 most dateable sign according to this!
– Spurger.

1.  Gemini.  42% of people who believe in astrology wouldn’t date one. 

(Geminis were also named the worst sign to date in a Twitter poll a few months ago.)

2.  Cancer, 37%.

3.  Taurus, 36%.

4.  Aries, 34%.

5.  Leo, 31%.

6.  Virgo, 28%.

7.  Scorpio, 24%.

8.  Libra, 22%.

9.  Sagittarius, 17%.

10.  Capricorn, 16%.

11.  Aquarius, 10%.

12.  Pisces, 7%.  So they’re most most-datable.

Check out the original story here.

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