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Far Reaching

From Glenwood Springs, to Grand Junction, all the way to Ouray—WSC has you covered!
Here at WSC Radio, we are dedicated to helping fellow businesses on the Western Slope get the most out of their marketing!

Did you know that using just 10% of your marketing budget on Radio Broadcast advertising can increase your consumer reach 20%?*

The only way to get people through your doors is to let them know it’s open.
Our clients are more than a contract and a check. With customized schedules, area-appropriate rates, and unduplicated advertisements, we strive to make sure that you are getting the right message out to our vast listenership.

We work to build relationships with our clients, getting to know you and your business to make sure that you are reaching your target audience on the Western Slope.
*On average, over a million Colorado locals use radio every week.
Let us help you reach them.


Find Your Strategy

Our Marketing Professionals will work with you to determine what marketing strategies will work best for you and your business to reach the highest potential target demographics and turn them into customers.
Contact us to learn more about our stations and how they can be a positive addition to your marketing campaign.


Phone: (970) 241-6460


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